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  • 20 Game Cards per pack (51/2 x 81/2 " size)
  • Heavyweight Paper
  • Answer Key
  • Game Instructions

A delightful twist to Scattergories created especially for the Parents-to-be! Three rounds of baby related categories that call for unique answers to merit a point.

How to Play:

Time:   10-15 minutes
Players:   unlimited
Winners:   1

  • Give each guest a game sheet.
  • Determine letters to be used for each of the 3 rounds if you didn't pre-personalize the game. (Mom's initials are always a fun choice!).
  • Start a timer for 11/2 minutes for round one.
  • Guests fill in unique answer for each category using the designated letter.
  • Play stops when timer goes off and each guest's answers are read to award points.
  • Continue on with rounds 2 and 3.

Each round is played in 11/2 minutes. Guests fill in the first column of answers on their game sheet starting each answer with the key letter that has been chosen and making sure all of the answers fit the category. Answers are only awarded a point if they are unique and fit the category.

Guests stop writing immediately when the timer expires. Each guest takes a turn reading their answers aloud for each of the categories. Guests can challenge the answers of others if they think they might not apply to the category or if they do not fit under the rules of play. Guests circle all answers on their list that are not used by anyone else and are not successfully challenged as unacceptable. Score the round by writing the number of circled answers at the top of your list.

Repeat the above procedure for the next two rounds. Total the scores for the three rounds of play. The guest with the highest score wins the game.

The same guest can't use the exact same answer more than once in a round. So you can't use "Jasmine" as a girl's name and as a flower in the same round.

All guests (even the one challenged) vote on the acceptability of a challenged answer. The majority rules. In case of a tie vote, the word is disallowed.

Guests get extra points by using the letter twice per answer. For example if the designated letter is "E" and the category is "Baby Needs" then 2 points are awarded for "Evenflo Exersaucer."

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