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  • 20 Game Cards per pack (51/2 x 81/2 " size)
  • Heavyweight Paper
  • Answer Key
  • Game Instructions

Is Baby going to take after Mom? Or be a spitting image of Dad? Give your guests the fun of guessing which traits Mom and Dad want their little one to inherit from each other. Great game for a couples shower.

How to Play:

Time:   10 minutes
Players:   unlimited
Winners:   1

  • Give each guest a game sheet.
  • For each trait on the game sheet, guests mark an X for Mom or Dad.
  • Mom & Dad do the same with the answer key.
  • Compare notes and let the laughter begin.

Looking at a list of traits, guests' mark an X for either Mom or Dad - depending on whom they think Mom & Dad will choose as the parent baby inherits that trait from. At the same time, Mom & Dad are marking their answer key with whom they want baby to inherit that trait from. (Be ready for some uncontrollable laughter as Mom & Dad lovingly argue about what trait they want Baby to inherit!)

When all guests have completed the game sheet, have Mom & Dad read off the answers as guests score their own game sheet. Each correct answer is worth one point, but the answer will only be correct if it is the same as Mom & Dad's. The guest with the most correct answers wins. If there is a tie, draw names to find a winner.

Gameplay Variations:

Couples Shower
Split the men into a different group and let Dad mark his own answer key separately. The men's answers will only be correct if they match Dad's answers, while the women's answers will only be correct if they match Mom's answers. You'll need two prizes for this variation.


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