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  • 20 Game Cards per pack (51/2 x 81/2 " size)
  • Heavyweight Paper
  • Answer Key
  • Game Instructions

Big purse. Little purse. It doesn't matter as long as there is lots of good stuff inside. With checklist in hand, guests go purse-diving to see who has the most-and most unusual-items in their possession.

How to Play:

Time:   10 minutes
Players:   unlimited
Winners:   1

  • Play individually, or as teams of 2-3.
  • Give each guest a game sheet.
  • Points are given for each purse-item found.
  • For teams, the items can come from any and all purses in their group.

Give each guest (or team) one game sheet and tell them if they have the item listed in their purse, then they can add the appropriate points to their list. For teams, the items can come from any team member's purse. Have each guest (or team) add up their total points; and you can ask to see proof of any item in question.

Gameplay Variations:

Icebreaker Show & Tell
Gather guests in a circle and give each one a game sheet and pencil. You then stand in the center of the circle and read each item - one at a time. Each guest that has that item in their purse holds it up to show the group and then marks their game sheet. Warning - in a competitive group there will be quite a bit of bantering as to whether or not an item 'qualifies' as a point, but it's all good fun!


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